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Green Stream Vegetation Management strongly believes in protecting the environment.  We offer not only the usual vegetation mowing equipment but also the WetBlade technology.  This technology does involve the use of herbicides but in small quantities compared to broadcast spraying.  See below for a better understanding of how it works.  The tractor above is carrying out WetBlade application while mowing the roadside, the blade provides immediate results, and the herbicides are making sure it will not grow back.


The Concept

WetBlade refers to a relatively new technology where in just one step the brush is cut and receives herbicide (stump treatment). Not only will it reduce drastically the quantity of herbicides needed, compared to traditional broadcast brush spray, but it will also ensure that each single stem, no matter its size, is treated with herbicide.  Resulting in more effective control of most woody and broadleaved species. 

The Results

The first picture is showing the actual results (using green dye) of the efficacy of the application process.  The second picture is showing the results 1 year after treatment (left side of the red line), whereas the right side is untreated.

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